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Sunday Salad


Sunday is that kind of a day when even boiling an egg seems too much of an effort.

If, however, you are persuaded to boil four eggs here is what you could do with them.

Serves 2; 15 min to prepare

4hardboiled eggs
2 avocados
1 packet of prewashed salad
1 tbs Dijon mustard
2 tbs olive oil
cheese (in my case goats cheese but feta or mozzarella would be good too)

Hard boil the eggs. This takes approximately 6 min from the moment the water starts boiling.

Meanwhile cut the avocados in halves. In a small bowl put half an avocado and mash with a fork. In a salad bowl put the salad leaves and chop the rest of the avocado in it. Mix the mustard and olive oil and pour over the salad and avocado, keeping 1/4 of the mixture behind. Stir until salad is coated in dressing. Divide between two plates.

Once the eggs are ready, rinse under cold water and peel. Cut in halves. Put the yolks in the small bowl with half the mash avocado and 1/4 of the mustard and olive oil. Mix thoroughly.

Arrange the halved egg whites over the salad and spoon the avocado and yolk mixture in them.

Crumble some cheese. Eat.

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