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“Watching the Detectives” by Julie Mulhern

I love the Country Club Murders Series by Julie Mulhern. I’ve read all of them, reviewed some of them and usually just can’t wait for the next instalment. With Julie Mulhern’s unexpected sense of humour cropping up amidst equally unexpected corpses littering her likeable heroin’s house, I can’t point out a single thing I dislike about those books. They are, in my mind, the epitome of cozy mysteries.

In her latest escapade Julie Mulhern’s heroin, Ellison, is not only feminine but also a budding feminist, which completely stole my heart. Standing up to her obnoxious mother is brave enough but standing up in defence of battered housewives in the 70’s country club society, when men went to work and women stayed home not necessarily by choice, is a whole of a lot braver. Domestic violence is never just domestic and easily spirals out of control and I’m glad that the 70’s attitude of police and hospitals alike, to turn a blind eye to it, is a thing of the past.

Julie Mulhern has found her voice with these books the same way Ellison Russell is finding her feet with each passing murder.

I recently watched an interview with the author, explaining that she gets up at 4:30 am every day to write before going to her full-time job. I find this extraordinary and can’t thank Julie enough for sacrificing her sleep for writing books for my enjoyment.

Thank you, Julie, and keep writing, please!

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