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My favorite food vloggers

YouTube is a big part of my life right now. Not only is the heroine of my latest book a vlogger with her own YouTube cookery channel, Ashley from The Sinking Chef (Pot Love book 2), but I’m quite enamoured with some food vloggers myself.

Here is a list of the channels I have been devouring lately.

  1. How To Cake It
    Yolanda’s sparkling personality manages to eclipse even her epic cakes. The duo Yolanda on-screen and giggling Joslyn off-screen works perfectly. I’ve been known to wait for the new episode every Tuesday quite impatiently. I’m also on How To Cake It VIP list, alongside about 3 million other people, but hey – I’ll take whatever I can get 😁
  2. Cupcake Jemma
    Jemma is British and when she says 175 grams I actually know what she’s talking about (sorry guys!). I’ve done loads of her recipes and they always, always work. Also, who can resist those adorable dimples? Not me. 💗
  3. How To Cook That
    Ann Reardon has an adorable Aussie accent and shows some of the most amazing hacks in the kitchen. She’s incredibly creative and is involved in all sorts of charities, which is important to me. She’s also one of the vloggers I’m positive doesn’t throw any food away, because she mentions that her children eat it all.
    The mum of my dreams. #IShouldBeSoLucky 😍
  4. TatianasEverydayFood
    Tatiana is so pretty and calm. I love watching her cook. Also, her recipes are very versatile, easy to follow, and come out looking great. What’s not to like? 🍰
  5. Japanese Cooking 101
    My daughter introduced me to this channel. She’s into all things Japanese right now and wanted to try out some of the recipes. We did try them and they all tasted great. Finally, the two ladies, Noriko and Yuko, are just adorable. 🍜
  6. Peaceful Cuisine
    Here is a different one for you. This is the channel of Ryoya from Japan. He’s making this incredibly sensual videos with no music and no other sound than the noises utensils make while he’s cooking. Sometimes he has music, but it’s always very mild. His recipes are all vegan because he wants to be good towards himself, the environment and all things living. I’m bowled over by his gentleness. 🙏

And here is another list of vloggers drawn up by The Telegraph.

These are my go-to channels but they are by no means an exhaustive list. There are some brilliant vloggers I’m yet to discover. If you have any recommendations for me, please leave a link in the comments below.

Thanks! 💋

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