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#ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

WELCOME to Book Boyfriend Blog Hop 2017!

Giacomo Gentili is my candidate for CLC HQ’s Best Book Boyfriend 2017!
If you’ve read my Pot Love Series and have fallen for Giacomo hard (like I have!) please, vote for him by dropping a quick email to simply copying “Giacomo Gentili” in the subject line.
Thank you!

If you haven’t met him yet, here is a glimpse of what Giacomo is like:
“‘So,’ Fabia starts casually. ‘Ashley really is your favourite girl then?’
‘Yep.’ I answer absently.
‘It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?’
‘What’s been a long time?’
‘Since you and Ashley became an item.’
‘Four years.’
‘Blimey!’ Fabia falls silent.
We are in the stock room of Il Luogo doing an inventory. Fabia is supposed to be taking notes, but it’s been slow at the restaurant lately, so she doesn’t have a lot of note-taking to do.
‘We’re running out of waste bags.’ I say. ‘Can you call Westminster council for me?’
She makes a note, then gnaws at the top of the pen in her hand and wonders if she could probe further. My relationship with Ashley has been a mystery for her for years. She is itching to pick it apart. It’s the same for many of my work colleagues. Since Ashley started her YouTube channel “The Sinking Chef” we’ve become kind of minor celebrities and of much interest for the people around us. God only knows why…
‘Why haven’t you popped the question then?’ Fabia blurts out. ‘If Ashley is as special as you say—’
I spin around and Fabia swallows the rest of her words at the sight of my darkened face.
‘How is this any of your business?’
She gives an insecure little laugh.
‘Come on, Giacomo! We are just talking—’
‘You are just talking,’ I say evenly. ‘I was hoping you’d stop eventually.’
Fabia looks away. She knows she should have stopped, but she’s young and unattached and likes to gossip. I might as well give her something juicy to chew on.
‘The first time I met Ashley she asked me to teach her to cook.’ Fabia looks up, startled. She can’t believe that I’m actually talking about it. ‘She wanted to audition for a cooking spot on primetime television. The only thing stopping her, apparently, was that she could only do toast.’
Fabia scoffs. She finds it incredulous. So did I all those years ago and now Ashley is about to publish a cookbook. She has come such a long way. She is my personal hero.
‘The first time we went to Sardinia – we weren’t together yet. Mum gave her the attic room and told her to slow down with the wine drinking, just to scare her off.’
‘Good God, Giacomo! Mama Gentili sounds rather vicious.’
‘Ashley just smiled and won everyone else on her side – Amalia, Nonno, and Paolo all love her.’
Nonno even though Ashley was his “long lost school love – Giovanna”. I feel warm at the memory.
‘Ashley is the bravest girl I’ve ever met,’ I say. ‘She’s not afraid of anyone. She once negotiated a cooking show for us on the same channel she previously got fired from. With the father of the person who fired her.’
Fabia opens her mouth, can’t think of anything to say and closes it.
‘If I’m ever in trouble, I want Ashley on my side.’
It’s another thing that I’m often in trouble because of Ashley. I nearly lost Il Luogo because of her. I shake my head. I should stop talking but my emotions override my common sense.
‘Even being in trouble with Ashley is fun. She is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I will ask her to marry me, Fabia, but I want to pick the best moment for it. I’m going to do this once and I want to do it right.’

*More about Giacomo and Ashley in “Pot Love” & “The Sinking Chef: Pot Love 2

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