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Blog Tour of The Sinking Chef FINALE

Week TWO of The Sinking Chef blog tour is over.
I’m sad and happy all at the same time.

I’ll miss opening my Twitter feed in the morning and reading peoples’ thoughts about the book while sipping my coffee 💗💗💗 It was just so much FUN having bloggers reviewing The Sinking Chef. All the wonderful reviews made me really happy.

Not all reviews were good but that didn’t matter somehow. I was just happy that people read my book. I’m easily pleased like that 🙂

On Monday 25th of September, Ali the Dragon Slayer wrote: “This is ideal for a light read…”

Ali didn’t care for much Ashley. Oh, dear 🙂

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Also on Monday, The Sinking Chef was at Laura’s Carousel.

I really loved this review and Laura loved the book, so winning all around! Thank you, Laura.

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Tuesday, the 26th The Sinking Chef was reviewed by Emma at WhyWordsWork. “Every girl has also met a James and Giacomo. The literal personification of the patriarchy, with his guilt tripping, suit wearing, patronising smugness – or the well-meaning boy with a heart of gold, but too insecure to open up about his problems. They couldn’t be more different, but they are a boat load of fun to read.”

Thank you, Emma for raising some good points about YouTubers!
You can connect with Emma on twitter here @ERHollands

On Wednesday the 27th, The Sinking Chef was with Girl Masked. She was very kind and had this to say “I really got used to the characters and grew to like and them and even love them as if they were real, like I did, you too could really fall in love with this book.”

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Also on Wednesday Aimee Raindrops has 12 FUN facts about me. If you’re interested how many steps I walk in a day (not a lot) or if I like ice cream you can find out here.

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Thursday, was for BookLoverWorm who is usually found in a comfy chair with a book. She also did an interview with me. Thank you, @Bookloverworm1

Hayley at WEAR A HALO wloved Giacomo and Ashley together. “I did however love the story of Ashley and Giacomo, I felt like they were written perfectly, so sweet together and something more real than some fictional relationships.”

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On Friday Ruminvte “Emotional – While a great portion of the book is following Ashley and all the many  situations she gets herself into, the story also does well with depicting slightly dysfunctional familial relationships. There were heartfelt moments where you really empathise with the characters and root for them.”

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On Saturday Emma-Louise published on her blog Read, Write, Inspire an excerpt from The Sinking Chef.

Thank you, Emma-Louise

Sunday, was the last way of the blog tour and it went out with a BANG! Nikola from Short Book and Scribes loved the book “The Sinking Chef made me snigger many times. The author has a slightly sardonic writing style that was right up my alley.” And “And what can I say about Giacomo, her gorgeous Italian boyfriend? He’s the strong and silent type, a chef and Ashley’s mad about him (who wouldn’t be?). The supporting characters are so fantastic too, with special mention for Paige and Jun, whom Ashley meets when she is invited to pitch to have her cookbook published. What a pair they are!”

I’d like to copy-paste the whole review here but I suspect that might make this post a bit too long. You have to go and read the review on Nicola’s blog.

That was all from The Sinking Chef blog tour.

Next, Neverland Blog Tours and I have a cover reveal for Prosecco Christmas.

Watch this spot!


Blog Tour of The Sinking Chef WEEK ONE

I’ve been so fortunate this week to have many bloggers read and review The Sinking Chef. It’s hard to keep track of everyone on Twitter, so I decided to recap WEEK ONE in this blog post.

I’ll do the same for WEEK TWO. It’s just so much FUN!

On Monday 18th of September, the Blog Tour began at The Writing Garnet.

“Fun, flirty and pretty bonkers; The Sinking Chef is perfect for folk who just want to read…”

I liked “Fun, flirty and pretty bonkers” so much that I started using it as a catch phrase of Twitter!
Thank you, Kaisha!

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Also on Monday, I talked to lovely Emma at WhyWordsWork.There will be a review of The Sinking Chef by Emma in WEEK TWO of the blog tour.

Thank you, Emma!

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Tuesday, the 19th The Sinking Chef visited Zoe at BookAddictRambles. “It was the ridiculousness of it that made me keep reading, I wanted to know what outrageous thing happened next.”

Thank you, Zoe for reading and reviewing! You can connect with Zoe on twitter @colourzoe2008

On Wednesday the 20th, The Sinking Chef was reviewed by author Lynsey James who has written some awesome novels herself. 

She was very kind and had this to say “Ashley reminded me a little of Rachel Khoo, who filmed her Little Paris Kitchen series directly from her own kitchen!”

Thank you, Lynsey! Get in touch @Lynsey1991 

Thursday, the 21st was a turbulent day. Ashley made Claire at BrizzleLass Books angry with her wayward ways. All was well in the end because Claire and I agreed that although a little naive Ashley is very memorable. You can’t go wrong with that 🙂

I thought Claire had a little crush on Giacomo “Giacomo […] is lovely, so committed to his vision and his business and he really cares for her and his family as well. I love his sense of humour and it’s a shame we don’t see a bit more of it.” But we’re not going to talk about it ON THE INTERNET, of course.

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Friday, my all-time favourite day of the week, was shared by two ladies Fede at her ItaPixie’s Book Corner and Stacey at Books, Dreams, Life.

Both ladies were happy with Giacomo and Ashley, with Stacey saying “Another great read from Sylvia. She does a great job with the writing. I was so happy to be able to come back to Ashley and Giacomo’s adventure. While reading this I was getting hungry with the recipes, of course, I wrote them down to try out one of these days.”

Do let me know if you do try them out, Stacey! I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with Fede (who is Italian by the way, my favourite food country) at @ItaPixie 

Saturday, the 23rd was for Marianne at Books, Dreams and Everything (beautiful, beautiful blog!) and for Em at AfternoonBookery.

Both reviews were thoughtful and kind, for which I’m grateful.

Marianne said, “It is the humour which defines this book and which runs throughout.”

While Em thinks “The Sinking Chef is a laugh out loud fast-paced read…”

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Sunday, glorious Sunday (seriously, the sun is shining where I live which is such a blessing at the end of the Summer) was also shared.

First up was sunshine Sarah “The book is written very well and makes for great reading because of this. I loved having the recipes at the beginning of each chapter as well, definitely got my mouth watering for sure! Perhaps sometime soon I’ll try my hand at one or two….!” Yay, Sarah, definitely try them out!

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Last for this week was Amanda at ChocolatePages, which is a blog that I follow and read because I like Amanda’s reviews. When I read her verdict I was pretty chuffed. “As regular readers of ChocolatePages would know, I do enjoy a good foodie book, and more recently I have taken a liking to books involving social media. When I read the description of this book a cookery channel on youtube and humorous, I was pretty sure I would enjoy the book. I did enjoy reading The Sinking Chef, very much.”

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All in all, I’m knackered from all the emotions. I can’t believe there is another week to go of this BlogTour!

It’s hard to say how many stars would the book get on Amazon and Goodreads, but I think The Sinking Chef is doing pretty well. Hopefully, the bloggers will post the reviews soon and I’ll know for certain.

Last, the GIVEAWAY.

Enter here for a chance to WIN ÂŁ25 Amazon vouchers and eBook copies of The Sinking Chef.

Until next week!